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Saturday, October 8, 2011

Epic Storybook event

These last few days were showered in rain.  As a result,  my school's lunchbreak was spent indoors.  My mom packed me a Mung Bean and rice wrap.  It was rolled up,  giving it the appearance of a giant slug.  :D

So.  There's this really annoying kid.  Short guy.  Spiky hair.  Bright blue shirt and jeans. ~@~  .    Anyways.  He didn't bring lunch, and so he takes a walk around to see if he could snitch any food.  I had two wraps.  He walked up and said
"What the      is that?"
"Food.  It's actually a giant slug."

Then he reached over and took a bite out of it.  He started gagging  Spit it out on the table.  I finished the wrap I was on in a humongous bite and yelled "HEY!!!!! THATS MY LUNCH!!!! DD:<"  
Anyways,  he kinda straddled off.  Later,  after cutting off a chunk,  I took a bite and immediately realized it was moldy.  :DDDDDD I was lolololololl  for the rest of the day.   :D

Meanwhile,  the other kids were playing board games and stuff.  We have these coins that you can use to buy stuff,  and some kids were using them to play poker.  :\

That's all fer now.  :)


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