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Saturday, May 21, 2011

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  I'm sure most of you have heard about the "Judgement Day" last Saturday... LOL THAT IS HILARIOUS!!! But even dumber is....who wiw walk rover afto da rapture?  I mean like, what? Let's say this whole ridiculous Rapture thing is true? How would that Bart Centre guy survive? And I mean hey, if Earth survives, I'm sure stainless steel luxary cages will...

This baloney is making Christianity look stupid.  Revelations says that NOBODY,  not Harold Camper, not any Jehovah Witness, NOBODY will know when the rapture comes...

Just saying, I don't think that guy is a Christian...  He calls himself a "Family Radio" [er?]
He's made other "predictions" before. 

I mean like, please please say that you didn't believe this.  Some people have started gorging junk food for the "last time",  going on shopping sprees for the "last time".
In fact, I heard a person bought a cooper and drove it around all Saturday waiting for the rapture....
Check google news...


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  1. Hi, I really have to agree with you. It's says no one will know. It just drives me insane!!!